The Full Stack Data Scientist was founded by Philipp Singer, a data scientist living and working in Vienna. During his career both in the scientific, as well as the corporate field, Philipp observed the need of a more full-stack view on data science. Data science is not only about predictive and statistical modeling, but also about how one can embed developed models and insights into productive environments, for example, to enable automatic re-training and continuous prediction in products. In university and online courses, often the focus is laid on methodology and the default data science pipeline, while the aspect about how one can put their work into production is frequently neglected. Consequently, this website should give readers a complete view on data science in order to become a true Full Stack Data Scientist. 

Philipp is working as a Data Scientist in Vienna. Previously he was working as a post doctoral researchers after he obtained a PhD in computer science with honors. Philipp is passionate about machine learning, statistics, data mining, programming, blockchain, and many further related fields. He is always eager to delve into new bleeding-edge fields and technologies. For more information please visit his personal website at

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